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Suber duo

Suber Dúo is a musical duo formed by the Polish pianist Adam Suga and the Basque saxophonist Inaki Bermudez. Adam suga has been awarded in numerous music competitions and piano festivals in Warsaw, Ptock, Zamosc and Przemysl. Also participates in international orchestral projects playing piano, celeste and glockenspiel working with directors like Ewa Strusinska and Stéphane. Iñaki Bermúdez is a young classical saxophonist professional who combines his international activity nal as a soloist and with chamber music. Artist Yamaha Music Europe, member of the family of artists Dáddario Woodwinds and JLV Paris artist.


Iñaki Bermúdez-Yume Takasaki

With extensive experience in chamber music and particularly committed to contemporary music, winners of several international competitions, they work with contemporary composers as part of their creative process. This constitutes an essential element of their artistic project. In this spirit, they participate in creations combining classical and electronic music, a way of continuing to explore new horizons, always through sharing and transmission.

(Iñaki Bermúdez-Omar Nicho)

Duo Hanbleceya is an emerging instrumental ensemble that has stood out for its combinations singular instrumentals. Specialized in the exploration of new repertoires, his open-mindedness allows you to explore sound experimentation and embark on daring stage adventures. Art hybrid intercultural and multidisciplinary is a particular concern of the group due to the diversity of cultural origins of its members. Founded in 2021, the Hanbleceya Duo enjoys working with the composers of its time, and the fact that it brings an interactive character broadens the artistic horizon of creation and interpretation. Feed the ears of audience with new things and surprising them, that’s what drives and inspires us.

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